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Welcome to Navraj Educational & Charitable Trust

     The birth of the Trust was in 2010 with a robust perseverance to serve the socio economically deprived and uncared for children in the society. Education has become a pricey affair for the common man who struggles for the daily needs.  Thereby, the probable and future potential and talent go unidentified and are left ignored. The Trust, with the support of noble hearts, attempts to enlight such creations of the Almighty.


     A look at the society and, I was amazed at how lucky I was, how lavishly I could earn a decent living and yet complain of not enjoying a vacation for a long time. Ironically, given the same liberty and resource, a large part of our society would be content with three meals a day! As an educator, these many years, I had proud moments of educating a sizeable number of students, who could afford to take my hours. But, emptiness fills me, when I painfully realize that I have not been a catalyst to our social strata who could not even afford to walk through the doorsteps of education. 

     I questioned myself and asked why I had to look onto someone to fill the shoes and help these people out of their misery. I promised myself that I am going to make my contribution to the society and help them realize the transformation of being educated. I believe this is not big bucks that should go out of your savings, wasted. A little support from you would change their lives for ever and generations after ages. Please join with me in raising funds for this citizenship cause of raising our fellow beings by just feeding them the supper of knowledge.